Sie ist die CrossFit-Überraschung des Jahres.  An Laura Horváth kommt mittlerweile keiner mehr vorbei der sich in der CrossFit Wettkampf-Elite bewegt.  Die 19-Jährige Ungarin belegte bei den diesjährigen Meridian Regionals den 7. Platz und gewinnt derzeit so ziemlich jede Competition bei der sie antritt. Wir haben exklusiv mir der Foodspring Athletin gesprochen und ihr ein paar Fragen rund um das Thema Training gestellt.


Hey Laura!
Hi 🙂

When did you start doing CrossFit and how did you discover it?
I started CrossFit when I was 16. My brother (Anm. d. R. Kristof Horvath) discovered it and he got me into it. I was a professional climber and I started doing CrossFit to help me get stronger for climbing, I did it after my climbing sessions. I really enjoyed it so I started doing more CrossFit than climbing and eventually I stopped climbing and only did CrossFit.


Obviously you are pretty good at it 😉 You placed 7th at this years regionals, took 1st in Battle of the Beasts, Lowland Throwdown and German Throwdown just to name a few –  when did you realize you want to become a competitive athlete?
Thank you. Pretty much as soon as I started.  I am a competitive person. Not only in sports but in anything. I love to compete.

How often do you train per week?
I train 5 times a week 2 times a day.


You and your Brother Kris follow the programming of Coach Stiles – can you briefly describe what the sessions look like?
We have been following his training program for about a year now. So I train 2 times a day usually I have conditioning and lifting / gymnastics separately. I run 2 times a week and have 2 rest days. So I train 10 times a week for 1.5-3 hours per session, the length depends on the session. I cant really describe the sessions because they are always different.


Photocredit: Marco Prüfer

You are also in school for sport science – how do you manage being a competitive athlete at this level and still getting good grades 😉
Yes I just started studying. Its hard, you really have to plan everything, but if you have good time management, then it not so bad.

What does your diet look like?
My diet is really simple I usually eat the same or almost the same food every day. For breakfast I eat eggs with lots of greens and oat meal with berries. I dring coffee and water. For lunch and dinner I usually eat the same: meat or fish with salat / sweetpotato / rice or quinoa. Between the meals I have snacks like fruits or nuts. And again, I drink a lot of water.

So no cheating?
Next to all the health things in my fridge you might find some nutella too 🙂 I love sweets.

What are your plans for the next couple of years?
I would like to get as good in CrossFit as I can possibly get. That means I would like to qualify to the games. And be the fittest on earth.

Steckbrief Laura Horváth

Alter: 19
Größe: 169cm
Gewicht: 68kg
CrossFit seit: 2012
Lieblings-Übung: Chest to Bar Pull-Up


Clean & Jerk:95
Max Reps Pull-Ups (Butterfly): 80
Max Reps Muscle-Ups:9

Wettkämpfe 2016

7. Platz CrossFit Meridian Regionals
1. Platz German Throwdown
1. Platz Lowland Throwdown
1. Platz Battle of the Beasts


Last but not least, can you give some advice to aspiring competitive CrossFitters?Enjoy it. Do it with a smile on your face. And of course do it with the ones who inspire you and who push you. Share your journey with friends. If you want to go far in any sport you have to work hard. You have to show up at the gym every day and work. Its going to be hard. Some days will be harder than others. Some days you question yourself why am I doing this. But in the end of the day it will be all worth it. All the hard work will pay off. But til than live every day at its fullest.

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